What Are We Doing Here?


It all started when…

A couple of guys who met on a college lacrosse field and now share a fish obsession put their heads together over a few beers and threw some ideas on the table. Chris, a new father wanted to create a blog that captured the essence of fatherhood and fly fishing... mostly because there are constantly fly related thoughts running through his head. He threw something together and Ellis gave his less than enthusiastic feedback - something along the lines of, "this is trash." Ellis, a newish fly fisherman with an eye for the aesthetically pleasing and a passion for outdoor adventure, being a city dwelling survivalist, and gear nerd wanted to help. Welcome to Flythology. A place where we, and others, can share our successes, failures, stories, and more failures as they relate to all things fly fishing.

*We are far from experts but we care deeply about the adventure, the ethical treatment of fish, and conservation.