Final Rainbow Trout of 2017.jpg

So It Begins...

I have had every intention of getting a blog in some capacity going for the past few years. I started something else, then gave up. Turns out parenting can be a busy thing. The little man's first birthday is a few days away and just when you think things are going to settle, they don't, and won't. It is all a part of life and becoming a father. 

So here we go, back in the saddle. I had started a generic blog and showed it to my man Ellis, the other guy behind the new vision. We first crossed paths in college, playing lacrosse. He was way better than me, and was the prototypical lax bro... but I digress. His response to what I had created was, "What the hell is that?" He is a brand and marketing guy who has a keen eye for design. After throwing some ideas back a light went off - FLYTHOLOGY. If anything it is a dope name for a website. 

So there you have it - the first story of many. 

To make this fishy, the final fish of 2017. A tricky day on the Swift River - rain, ice, snow, freezing temps, and a hell of a good time.